Friday, May 30, 2008

This is a fantastic message...I agree...

On May 30th, 2008 -
Following Message Directed to writer Chaplain Steve:

I believe that in 2012 we will see something interesting...people will look back to Ron Paul's writings...his latest book, etc...and I do smell a form of "Death" in 2-3 years to the NeoCONS!

This same Carl Bruining recently at a local Colorado GOP Woman's function was told to sit down, shut up or he would be escorted out the restaurant doors....since there was a pro-McCain supporter speaking about this turkey...their motto is never challenge anyone.

The one that told Carl this was the president of this Woman's group...

A Fellow Ron Paul Supporter wrote about this in a local newspaper...

"Dear Editor,I was invited to a Longmont Republican Women's breakfast at Terroir's recently, where Mary Daubman, from John McCain's campaign, was the keynote speaker. I don't support John McCain, but I assumed I'd be welcome, since I figured they wouldn't be just "singing to the choir", as there are still a lot of undecideds.

The president introduced different individuals attending and allowed them to speak. But when she acknowledged Carl Bruning, a spokesman from the Ron Paul campaign, the introduction was rushed, and when he started to speak like the others had been invited to do, she firmly told him to "No! Sit down!" She sounded like an elementary teacher addressing a problem child.

After my initial shock, I tuned in to the speaker and felt like I was being read a bedtime story, about feats of some magnificent hero. But I know from research that there was a lot more she was not telling. I wanted to ask, "Can anyone give me a candidate that is genuine, that doesn't double-talk, and that respects our Constitution without apology?" But before I was able, Carl Bruning respectfully raised his hand. After being ignored, his friend raised his own hand, and when chosen, turned his opportunity over for Carl to speak. When Carl spoke about his disappointment in the manner Ron Paul's representatives are being treat ed by the Republican Party, he was told again to "Sit down, that is enough!" and even threatened with removal.

What is going on in this Party? And why aren't the people at this meeting thinking for themselves? I would challenge every person there that witnessed such abominable behaviour to do better research on the candidates. To seek a candidate who doesn't endorse such tactics, and to read the Constitution to find out what we're losing at an alarming rate! We don't want a candidate that says what we want to hear, only to change it for another audience. Check out what John McCain is currently saying. What kind of Republican are we voting for; as you see, there are now two kinds! "

Meantime...keep studing the Constitution, get ahold of "The Federalist Papers, and Anti-Federalist Papers"....don't stop educating others about freedom...we now have the equipment...let's use them!

Charlesn of Northern Colorado and a Ron Paul Supporter!

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